By Catherine Fitzgerald

Five Ways To Overcome Trauma And Become More Resilient

Psychotherapist Richard G. Tedeschi highlights that there can be growth after trauma even without therapy.

Growth from trauma can be facilitated in five ways.

- Education - Disclosure - Emotional Regulation - Narrative Development - Service

You can emerge stronger as a resilient leader yourself.  And, you can guide others to be more resilient with these strategies.

Strategy 1


Following trauma, people need to be educated on what is trauma. And, on the disruption that it causes.

Strategy 2

Emotional Regulation 

For any level of growth to occur, there needs to be a regulation of emotions. Encourage physical activity, meditation and breathing exercises.

Strategy 3


People need to be encouraged to talk about and acknowledge what happened. Invite people to share their stories.

Strategy 4

Narrative Development

You need to construct an authentic narrative on the trauma. What happened afterwards. And, this includes looking towards new chapters currently unwritten.

Strategy 5


Following trauma people benefit from helping others in their community. The more they help, the more benefit they get.

Let’s Recap The Strategies We Learned




Narrative development