The Five Foundations Of Resilience (And Why They Matter)

With Catherine Fitzgerald

What are the foundations of resilience?  Should you care?

When I started reviewing my research, I realized that there are five foundations. And these foundations don’t always work on their own. Let's explore these five foundations.

Self Awareness

Take note of how you are. How you are perceived.  Self-awareness allows you to respond appropriately to situations.

Foundation Number 1

Self Care

Take note of how you care for yourself. Actively engage in this care so as to reduce your exposure to stress.

Foundation Number 2


Practising mindfulness means that you are living in the moment. It is an active state that encourages resiliency.

Foundation Number 3


Above all, having purpose demonstrates that you are part of something that is bigger than you. This purpose or meaning-making allows you to bounce back from adversity.

Foundation Number 4

Positive Relationships

Positive relationships take you on a journey while also supporting you on every challenge that you encounter.

Foundation Number 5

Let’s Recap What We Learned

self awareness

self care



Positive relationships