three attributes of resilient employees

Catherine Fitzgerald

Lined Circle

Why should you care why some of your team are more resilient than others? As long as your targets are met you are ok as a manager, right? This story will show you why you should care. Sounds good?

Emotional Regulation

Want your team to stay focused to your goals? Help them avoid intrusions by teaching them to recognize and respond to their emotions more effectively. 

The Resilient Employee uses emotional regulation to calmly and logically approach situations without over-reactions or outbursts.

Cognitive Agility

Want your team to recognize when their thought processes has negative impacts? Help your team  make a shift in how they think into ways that benefit the team.

The Resilient Employee uses cognitive agility to consider all aspects of a situation and to make a shift in the narrative toward positive outcomes.


Want your team to move forward and not be forever stuck in self-criticism? Help your team to avoid harsh self-criticism by promoting mindfulness and forgiveness.

The Resilient Employee uses self-compassion to accept and move past disappointments as being part of life.  Transform negative experiences into strengths and opportunities for learning.

Let’s Recap On The Attributes We Learned Today


Cognitive Agility