Communicating Change And Corporate Wellness

Do you ever worry about communicating workplace wellbeing during a period of change?

And when you read your communications, do you wonder am I doing a good enough job?

Be honest. Is workplace wellbeing something that troubles you?

Well, you’re not alone if this is something that concerns you.

I have included this short Workplace Wellbeing – Communicating During A Period Of Change post to help you fast-track your skills.

To truly engage your team, use these simple tips to help cope with change more effectively.

  1. Ensure that everyone is aware of the vision of the change initiative.
  2. Offer reassurance that the change is necessary.
  3. Focus attention on the activities of those involved in delivering the change.
  4. Offer reassurance that the change is being properly managed.
  5. Provide timely information on the progress of the change initiative.
  6. Ensure that all communications are accurate and that they equally reflect the successes and failures of the change process.
  7. Discuss the different options that exist.
  8. Discuss and reinforce the desired different patterns of behavior that are happening because of the change initiative.
  9. Be sure that those outside the business are also reassured.
  10. Ensure that there are quick resolutions to any challenges encountered.

Want to be even more effective?

Make sure that you consider where your team are also coming from. What are their fears? Worries? Concerns? Hopes? Aspirations? Histories?

Put yourself in their shoes and gauge how you would receive your communications on workplace wellbeing.

Be honest and clear

That’s how you gain support for your change initiative.

And make a difference in the lives of your team.

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